Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dreaming about Christmas

Despite being only November, my mind has been inadvertently wondering in the direction of Christmas. After all, Starbucks red cups were back the morning after Halloween, the office holiday lunch has been booked, and the festive issue of Chatelaine arrived in my mailbox this week.

I flipped through its pages yesterday's evening while sipping an americano and waiting for my friend Andrea to join me for a movie night. The magazine made me think of baking, particularly what kind of cookies I was going to make to give out to friends and family. So many possibilities! Mmmmm. Starbucks was offering samples of their Cranberry Bliss Bar. I tried one - not bad but a bit too sweet and rich for my liking.

We went to see Morning Glory, which was kinda silly but funny. My favourite character was the hilarious weather man, hands down. After that, we took a cab (!) to Khao Thai. It was freeeeeeeeezing. The five minute walk home seemed like eternity. And so today, I took out the down coat and fur boots. Boo. Booooooo! The winter is officially here.

What better way to celebrate the season than with buying another ridiculous hat?

The love affair with the cows continues...

Other signs of approaching Christmas include the urge to dust off (i.e. unzip the mp3s of) cheesy holiday music such as the timeless Wham!

OMG, I just saw on YouTube that it has been remade by Taylor Swift!!! Quel nightmare. Is anything safe from being remastered by another American Idol-ish teenybopper??

We are planning to celebrate the holiday night here, with my mum, and then take off some place warm until the New Year's. The destination really doesn't matter much, as long as it has the weather fit for the tiniest of bikinis. Though, we would love to try a place a little more exotic than Cuba or the Dominican Republic... I have been actively looking for a vacation package but no luck so far.


This morning, I dealt with another bag of old apples that were too unappetizing to eat raw. Since the crab apple crisp worked so well last time, I decided not to reinvent the wheel. Today, however, I was forced to peel the apples, as the skin was way too tough. As a side note, I generally detest peeling veggies or fruits, because discarding the skin means strapping the produce off its best vitamins and fiber. To vary the recipe, I used walnuts instead of almonds for topping.

The crisp in the making...

... and ready-to-eat

Note to self: do not use red as background colour.

The result was fine but, in my opinion, not as good as with the peels.

What else? Oh yes, for breakfast I tried the pear and ginger puree from Boston's street market. Fabulous! It was spread on hi-protein pancakes.

I topped another pancake with vanilla youghurt and more apples. Clearly, all these activities preceded the much-needed trip to the grocery.

Um, the pancake looks rather blah in this photo. I promise, it tasted much better than it looks. Ah, note the new "O" mug! It's my new favourite kitchen accessory.

Bon. Time to cook dinner and enjoy a Saturday glass of vino. See you soon!

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